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Rotary District 1913

Rotary District 1913 is a voluntary, independent and non-profit association of Rotary Clubs in the Republic of Croatia, who are also members of Rotary International.

The first club founded in Croatia is the Rotary club of Zagreb, which on October 23, 1990, is included in the Rotary community. Since then, 55 clubs have been founded throughout Croatia and have gathered 1418 Rotarians and Rotarians.

After more than 20 years of successful operation of our clubs within the Regional District 1910, by Rotary International’s decision, an independent District 1913 was established that supports the work and development of clubs in Croatia, following the needs of local communities, in accordance with Rotary principles and legal regulations.

The District 1913 Charter was personally delivered by Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith to the First Governor of District 1913, Dr. Ivo Husić at a ceremony held at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb on June 18, 2011.

So far, Croatian Rotary Clubs have realized many projects and programs, helping Croatian residents, mostly from their own sources, but also with the international cooperation of other Rotary clubs who are happy to respond both to material and personal participation.

By establishing the District 1913, Croatian Rotarians accepted the responsibility and challenges of these great and reputable world organization in their independent initiation and aiding the principles of just service to the community.

Basic informations:

Number of clubs: 55
From that in the founding: 0
The number of regular members: 1418
Number of honorable members: 31 PHF: 264
Bank Account: 2484008-1102852060
Bank Account for Donations: 2340009-1110453716

Contact details:

Rotary District 1913
Praška 2
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Email: secretary@rotary.hr
Telephone: 01 33 70 650
Internet: http://www.rotary.hr